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Style Our Souls – rescue your wardrobe!


We all open our wardrobe once in a while and whilst we probably have more clothes than we need, we still can’t find anything to wear.

Well we’ve found someone to help our SOS Wardrobe call and she’s fab.  Emma Welling from Style Our Souls is a stylist and personal shopper.  She’ll walk you through your wardrobe piece by piece, detoxing and decluttering and then she’ll help you find the perfect capsule items to make sure you are always looking hot!

We caught up with her recently and she happily answered our mini interview, see what she had to say, check our her website at www.styleoursouls.co.uk and then come out of your closet!

H “How long have you been doing what you do?

E “Since 2007

H “Who do you market to?

E “The market is very broad and wide and covers predominantly women, but also men from all walks of life – personal styling does not just have to be for the rich and famous! We can all benefit from some professional advice guiding us in  the right direction to discover what is right (and wrong) for us.  As well as marketing to individuals, we also target the retail industry, corporate organisations, event management companies (covering weddings, hen parties, gift experiences, product launches, staff incentives etc).

H “What services do you offer?

E “Personal shopping and personal styling

H “Who do you look up to in the fashion world?

E ” I LOVE LOVE LOVE Roberto Cavalli and Missoni – dramatic yet timeless!

H “What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year – launches, events, travel etc

E “I am always excited about the new season styles and fashions and I love experimenting with the new pieces that come in.  It’s a great feeling working with clients at the beginning of each season to get their wardrobe sorted so they look and feel fabulous!  i will also be attending London Fashion Week and have the chance to be part of Las Vegas Fashion Week, which is very very exciting for Style Our Souls, as we spread our fashionable word stateside!

H “Give us a little taster of your new project – Style Academy

E “The SOS Style Academy is being launched this autumn to provide the essential personal styling courses for the aspiring personal stylist, fashion designer, fashion buyer, fashion writer, fashion stylist!  What makes it different to other courses out there is the combination of the right balance of theory with hands-on and practical learning with real-life clients from Day One.  We are very excited about the training academy and supporting future stylists to be the best in the business, particularly as SOS grows and expands into the US, there will be no end of opportunities!

H “Finally Emma, what’s your biggest fashion no-no!

E “for me I think this is more about not letting yourself down by not taking care of your image, because ultimately this will impact on how you feel and behave as well as your look, as opposed to there being fashion no-nos to follow.  The best style tip is to be true to yourself in terms of the colours, shapes and styles that are right for you, your lifestyle, your personality and your bodyshape.  That way you will feel comfortable, confident and save yourself a lot of time, money and stress – enter your very own personal stylist to help you out!

‘SOS – Style Our Souls’
07816 684944

Bases in UK and US:
Birmingham/Midlands, UK and San Diego, CA.

SOS will travel and bring SOS to you!

Porzia T- Designer Lingerie at Honeys Lingerie Boutique


We’re so excited!  Fabulous new designer lingerie collections are coming to Honeys Lingerie Boutique and we wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at the people behind Porzia T, we sat down with them recently to find out their inspirations and what we can expect to see in their designs, coming to the website this month:


When did you start your business?

I started my business less than a year ago in October 2008 after working at Versace, Dolce&Gabbana and Krizia and presented my first collection, Collezione Privata in January 2009 in Paris at the Expo Salon International de la Lingerie.

Who is your target market?

It’s a woman who loves herself and her body, a woman who stands out from the others because of her taste and femininity. In the current market where quality and sartorial products are extremely difficult to be found the woman who chooses Porzia T products is a woman who can really appreciate quality.

What inspires your designs?

I’ve always been fond of history of costume, in particular I love the English Golden Age and Victorian period and the Venetians of 1700. All those wonderful costumes, fabrics and embroidery never stop inspiring me. Of these past periods I also love the refined attitude which unfortunately has now been lost.
I also take inspiration from architecture and nature and of course also from my everyday life…

Who do you look up to in the design world?  Favourite designer

Since I was a child I have always loved Vivienne Westwood but I also like the extemely chic attitude of Chanel.

‘SOS – Style Our Souls’
07816 684944

Bases in UK and US:
Birmingham/Midlands, UK and San Diego, CA.

We will travel and bring SOS to you!


What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year – launches, designs, travel etc

I’m working on my first beachwear collection which will also include dresses and accessories. This collection will be called ” Privata Beachwear“.

Give us a little taster of your season collection that we will be selling at HoneysLingerieBoutique.com

Named after Shakespeare characters, the Frione corset bra together with the Calpurnia bow string completed with the Ero glove.
I think the most refined HoneysLingerieBoutique.com clients will love the Ofelia Baby-Doll and the Cressida Culotte together with the delicate Ottavia Eye-Mask, which is not only to be worn at home..so many clients use them for travelling.

And finally for now, what’s your biggest fashion ‘no-no’ – something you purchased and have never worn?

I only buy garments and accessories when I fall in love with them and actually it’s very difficult to me to find something which I really like. Then when I buy something I have to use and wear it again and again! There’s a dress I have used only twice, it’s a Tierry Mugler satin green long dress, I bought it at the beginning of the 90’s. I love it but it’s only for very special occasions!


e.g…Fashion feature

1If you’re a friend of the Honeys lingerie boutique blog and a regular visiter to our site, you’ll know that we like to recommend boutiques, designers and up and coming new talent.  Our new friends at e.g. Fashion are no exception and we spoke to owner and designer Emma recently to find out what makes them tick!

When did you open?
We have been trading for about a year now, though at first we opened a shop in Clerkenwell, Emma’s Shop, from where I designed and made clothes for the very cool ladies of the area. This allowed me to interact directly with my customers and it was very enlightening seeing what concerns ladies have about their bodies and the clothes they wear.
Who do you market to?
Our customers are strong, independent ladies, that aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. Though they are strong, powerful women they also want to be sexy, alluring and feminine at the same time.
How can we buy your collections?
Our current collection is available exclusively through our website, http://www.egfashion.co.uk/ though we are planning on meeting with some retailers over the coming months with the aim of selling our next collection to them. People like Browns, Asos, Selfridges and smaller independent boutiques with the appropriate clientele.
What inspires your designs?
Ooh, I’m inspired by loads of things, at the moment I can’t stop thinking about Jerry Hall from the 80s and Joan Collins, I love Grace Jones and I am a really big fan of the photographers Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin.
Who do you look up to in the design world?
My favourite designer in the whole world is Zowie Broach of Boudicca, who taught me in my first year at University, if I could be like anyone it would be Zowie!
Who else should people be looking out for? Up and coming designers, fresh new talent
Heidi Mottram makes the most amazing eel skin bags, Imogen Belfield designs stunning jewellery and Catharina Eden who is just about to launch a bespoke collection of childhood inspired designs that I just love!!
What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year – launches, designs, travel etc
We are all working round the clock to get our SS10 collection ready, which we are aiming to launch in early September with a short film instead of the more traditional cat walk show so I am extremely excited and nervous about that.
Give us a little taster of your new season collection
Now that would be telling!! But it is a continuation of our current tailored themes. Strong, structural lines with very distinctive silhouettes but still sexy and sensuous.
What’s your biggest fashion ‘no-no’ – something you purchased and have never worn?
What I love about fashion at the moment is you can pretty much wear what ever you like, for instance I have recently taken to wearing socks with my gladiator sandals!! (don’t laugh it works if you can see it) but if I had to choose something as a fashion no-no how about pink velour trackie bottoms, yuck! And like most women, I’m sure, my wardrobe is littered with things I’ve bought but never worn, but one day I’ll get round to them all.

Emma Griffiths owner and designer of  e.g Fashion, The hottest UK fashion label for the empowered woman.