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Men’s guide to buying Lingerie

By Honeys Lingerie Boutique 

Lets face it this shouldn’t be hard! You’re the one who sees her in it, you’re the one who admires her in it and you’re the one who takes it off!!!! So why do so many men get it wrong! The simple fact is when buying lingerie a lot of guys buy what they want to see rather than what she really likes to wear.
You probably know her favorite style; the difficulty may be knowing the name of the lingerie to get it just right. If you are struggling with sizes visit Honeys gents guide for some excellent advice on how to determine size and many other useful tips. Below is a small selection of names of the individual lingerie pieces to help you when making that very special purchase.

Bra Styles

· Plunge Bra – Think of Eva Herzigova in those big bill board adverts “Hello Boys” the plunge bra has a small wire to scoop the breast creating an enhanced cleavage.
· Padded Bra – This bra is designed enhance breasts by ½ to 1 cup size ideal for the lady who wishes for a little more cup size.
· Padded Plunge Bra – Plunge Bra with padding for enhancement.
· Balconette Bra (Balcony bra) – Think of Marilyn Monroe and you will the image of the balconette bra designed to create uplift, cut to sit across the chest ideal with square necked tops and dresses, not suitable for larger cup sizes usually under wired.
· Demi Bra – This Bra is cut lower than the Balconette for a sexier look.
· Boudoir Bra – this is a case of says what it does designed to look very sexy in the boudoir; normally this bra will have ties instead of hooks for easy release! Very sexy bedroom wear but not designed for everyday support.
· Full cup Bra - This is the classic bra shape almost completely covers most of the breast cut straight across providing more coverage and more support.
· Larger Cup bras – usually D+ these give more support to larger busts with larger straps and a deeper back usually with reinforced areas for a fuller support.


· French Knickers – Usually a mixture of satin with lace, or silk with lace exquisite design that is not only comfortable and feminine but sexy. Perfect when worn with a camisole top.
· Short – Very similar to the French knickers in design but they tend to be cut a little tighter around the leg and more snug to the bottom.
· Brief – A full knicker design covering all.
· Bikini brief – The rear of this brief is cut a little higher than the full brief
· Thong – Small triangle area at the front and thin fabric into a t at the back, designs differ depending on brand, some have a little more coverage with lace detail or wider on the back.
· String or G-String – As with the thong the string is usually triangle in shape at the front with an extremely thin piece of material in a T shape at the back, it has less coverage than a thong.
· Brazilian brief – This brief gives more coverage at the back than a thong but generally a little less than a full brief to give a sexier look.
· Tanga – this brief is a grown up thong more coverage at the back usually lace giving a sexy but more covered look.
· Tie side brief – A full brief with bow ties at the side. These can be easily undone for romantic moments, feminine pretty but sexy.

Other Sexy Lingerie

Suitable for when exact size exact is unknown
· Camisole or Camisole top – A camisole is a loose fitting top usually made of silk, satin or lace or a combination. It has thin straps, a beautiful garment that on some occasions also worn as a top underneath jackets for instance, a perfect choice when exact cup size is not known as usually these will be dress sized or small, medium or large.
· Bodice Camisole – This Camisole top is more structured at the bust tighter on the body and with hooks at the back, gives a more fitted look than the looser camisole.
· Bustier / Basque – This is a tighter version on the camisole with boned or supported bodice this often has detachable suspenders for a very sexy but subtle look. Back hooks.
· Suspenders – Suspender belts are used to hold up stockings and sometimes just worn to give lingerie a sexy look!
· Waisted suspenders – Vintage inspired they sit higher and are very figure flattering.
· Suspender Brief – A full brief with detachable suspenders for supporting stockings very in vogue!
· Guepiere – An all in one bustier and suspenders with back fastening hooks, figure enhancing and designed to be extremely sexy!
· Waspie – This is waist trimmer the waspie sits just below the breasts and finishes at the hips, they can have detachable suspenders and are often worn outside of clothing.
· Teddy – A sexy all in one that is often made of silk or satin with lace detail.
· Baby doll – Romantic eveningwear this short floaty nightdress is seductive and very feminine a beautiful gift.
· Chemise – very similar to a baby doll, may be a little tighter shorter in design an exquisite bedroom piece.
· Silk Kimono – An exquisite wrap a luxurious version of a robe, a beautiful gift.

Visit http://honeyslingerieboutique.com/gentlemens-guide for some great advice on choosing the right brand for the personality of lady you are buying lingerie for, Glamorous, flirty or sophisticated Honeys will guide you in the right direction with our Designers guide.

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