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Corset Lacing and Corset Care Tips!

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With the introduction of our new corsetiere Velda Lauder decided to pay a visit to her London studio this week to see if we could pick up some handy hints from one of the leading corsetieres in the UK to pass on to our customers and came back with some fabulous tips for lacing your corset and looking after your steel boned corset.



Step 1

It is a good idea to lace your corset in front of a mirror ensuring you can see all angles, if you have a friend at hand or a willing partner! to fit the corset for you this will be an advantage just have them follow the steps below for a perfect fit.

Firstly loosen your laces at the back of the corset before fitting and fasten the corset at the busk area at the front (do not lace the corset first then try and fasten the front this will damage the corset and you most certainly will not achieve the desired effect).

Step 2

Lace your steel boned corset from the middle at the” loop” on the waist pulling down to tighten the top section and up to tighten the bottom, do this gradually and slowly alternating top to bottom then back to the top again until the corset begins to fit around the body, finally give a tug on the middle section to pull in the waist line and tie. If you do this before you are ready to go out in your corset this will give you time enough to tighten the corset again 15mins later this allows your body to adjust to corset shape and the material of the corset.

Corset Care

When removing your corset let it air, hang your corset over a chair or airing rail overnight to allow it to dry out naturally then store flat in tissue paper.

A “ tip from Velda Lauder” is to wear a silk camisole (without the straps showing obviously) under your corset to keep it clean and fresh. Dry cleaning is only advised to be done occasionally and most certainly do not wash your corset to keep this exquisite garment in fantastic condition for years to come.

Velda Lauders work is stunning! A Velda Lauder corset is something very special indeed unique in style and very individual Velda is renowned for the unique shape of her fantastic garments, which we could blog about for hours so will save that for our next Velda Lauder piece. Corsets look fabulous and take 4 inches of your waist in seconds! What more could a girl wish for!

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  1. Strapless Bra
    9:39 am on October 19th, 2009

    Corset really looks great. It gives an excellent lift and support to the breast. Good tips

  2. Tony Shick
    8:51 pm on March 16th, 2010

    A few days ago I stumbled upon your site while searching yahoo for tips and tricks for bowling. Your site wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it was packed with information otherwise. Now I find myself continuing to read more and more posts and I love it!

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