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4A Brief History of the Corset

Our latest designer is the exquisite corsetiere Velda  Lauder  and has sparked a  fascination of these gorgeous garments here at Honeys Lingerie Boutique. We were intrigued to find out more about the corsets origins and how the corset has evolved and influenced our undergarments from as far back as the the 16th century.
The modern day corset is a must-have wardrobe piece for any fashionista and the options are endless, with under bust corsets, over bust corsets, bridal corsets and waspie corsets worn as sexy lingerie outerwear or eveningwear. This versatile garment not only looks beautiful and elegant but also reduces your waistline by up to 4inches extenuating the bust with the end result giving a fantastic silhouette.
Dictated by the fashions the corset has most often used for cinching the waist and supporting the breasts to achieve the most fashionable silhouette of the time.

Read more about Corset history on our new page A Brief History of the Corset

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