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Colour Me Happy! Patterned or Plain?

honeys11We’re made it!  We’re on the home strait!  And we’re so happy you’ve joined us for our mini series of blogs on colour and how your favourite fits your personality and your choices in styling.  Honeys Lingerie Boutique makes it simple to buy gorgeous designer lingerie and we’ve got designs in every colour of the rainbow (with the exception of Yellow!  Come on designers bring the sunshine in for all our worshippers of the corn colour!)

Our final blog is on pattern for all of you that are bold and brave and slightly indecisive when it comes to picking a favourite colour.  A pattern lover is a real mixed bag of personality and emotions – you want it all and you want it now so you make sure you pick a small piece of everything.  The frustrating thing for everyone else is you look amazing in whatever colour you choose.

A clever, confident pattern queen won’t be afraid to show off her wicked sense of humour either and will sizzle and crackle in animal print and knock out the competition in striking splashes of colour designed for the bold and the brave!

One of our newest designer collections Mixona mixes sensual silk chiffon with sexy animal print to bring you the Kimberley babydoll set - complete with thong!

Ouch!  You’re hot!  And don’t you know it!

And to bowl them over on the beach, choose Christies Mare Tenerife swimsuit designer beachwear – seventies inspired black, gold and white design complete with Christies signature gold and white pendant belt to enhance the glamourous appeal of this design.

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