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Colour Me Happy! – Purple Haze

swimWe’re loving this series of mini lingerie blogs at Honeys Lingerie Boutique, helping you to discover your favourite colour and what it says about your personality and ultimately your choice in designer lingerie, swimwear, beachwear or nightwear.

This time we highlight Purple, whilst it’s a favourite amongst the team at Honeys it’s quite a rare favourite colour overall.

Girls if you favour purple, you are strong in mind, a wise and intuitive sort, someone who always gets it right with her choices, because you ask the right questions.

You’re kind and self-sacrificing, you give, give, give to the lucky other half in your life and you’re at your happiest when you do.  Purple is a strong, confident colour to match your personality perfectly.  You’re content to stand out from a crowd and although you’re too polite to say, you LOVE the attention you get for being one in a million.   Go from beach babe to bar belle in Rosapois Mare’s Beverley Hills bikini this holiday and don’t forget to pair it up with the Honolulu Maxi Dress for full effect!

Keep reading for Colour Me Happy – next time Brown as a Berry on our lingerie blog!

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