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Colour Me Happy – Our Green ‘piece!’


We’ve been concentrating on colour on our lingerie blog recently with our first one dedicated to all things red and how your choice when buying designer lingerie and designer beachwear and swimwear, tells all about your personality.

Up next is Green. Green signifies peace and relaxation, you’re a Miss World in the making, a lover of all things natural, you ooze compassion and you are always conscious of your partners needs and desires.  Beware though, green isn’t the easiest colour to wear and you don’t want to end up blending into your garden shrubbery, stick to gentle shades, warm, muted tones and you can’t go wrong.  Look at our Valery Blu Radiance and  Aloe Vera bikini for the best way to go green this vacation!

Join us next time for our lingerie blog on Blue!

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