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HOTmilk lingerie new collection and new bundles of joy!


Wow ! HOTmilk  designer nursing lingerie have some fantastic news this month not only are they launching their new collection Her Radiance Enchanted Him (HR)  but it seems like the HOTmilk team  were so keen to get in to their own ravishing designer lingerie that they are having their own bundles of joy so they can wear this gorgeous new nursing lingerie!!!!.

 Congratulations to both Delphine (who is expecting twins) and PiP who is having her first baby.

  HOTmilk  new nursing Lingerie  collection pictured above” Her Radiance Enchanted Him” is due in at Honeys Lingerie Boutique in the next two weeks. This exquisite nursing lingerie collection is sexy, sweet and sassy and HOTmilk  lingerie and nightwear designs always cater for the inner thoughts and feelings of the Fabulous woman inside the loving mother.

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