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Make a Wish!

Sally Jones

We’ve all done it, eagerly torn back the giftwrap on a present from our loved one only to find something completely ‘practical’ or even worse – the dreaded red lacy effort bought under pressure and with absolutely no thought whatsoever!

Well worry no more girls, Honeys Lingerie Boutique has the perfect solution.  As the new and improved website launches so does the ‘Wish List’, an easy way to hint to your other half and get what you desire from your birthday or Christmas list.

Browse at your leisure and choose from the exquisite, designer lingerie, designer beachwear and silk nightwear and a whole host of accessories from stockings and suspenders to playful silk hand ties, silk kimonos, nipple tassles and eye masks.  The chance to get exactly what you want, in the perfect size and your favourite colour, no mistakes, no hassle and absolutely no personalised screwdriver sets (unless you want them that is!)

So waste no more time – start compiling your Honeys Designer Lingerie Wish List, your man will more than delighted with the outcome and what’s more important, so will you!

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