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Colour is crucial for looking good


Looking & feeling great in our designer lingerie is not only due to finding the best fit, but also finding the right colours that suit our skin tone and make us look gorgeous!

Research has shown that we all fall into one of four groupings. Named after the seasons, you can find out your perfect colour palette depending on your skin tone, eye and natural hair colour.

Autumns tend to be brunettes with strong features who have a rich brown hair who suit warmer, deeper colours.  Autumns can also be red heads, looking your best in chocolate brown, cream, mustard yellow, terra cotta and olive greens.  Steer clear of bright garish colours or black or white.

Winters are also brunettes, but their hair tends towards black brown rather than warm reddy browns.
Winters look amazing in black and white, purple, deep pink, magenta reds, royal blues and emerald greens.
Avoid autumn colours and you’ll be giving Catherine Zeta Jones a run for her money.

Summers are our first example of our fairer colours, and tend to be people with light brown or blond hair usually with blue or green eyes as they suit the cooler palette.
Summers look their best in pastels, e.g. pink, blue, lilac and soft greys and soft whites.  Don’t be tempted by strong blacks and whites as they will overwhelm your softer look.

Springs are the final grouping, usually with golden blond hair, and you look stunning in the light but warmer colours such as peach, turquoise, grass green.
These warm colours complement the warm tones of your skin, hair and eyes.
Avoid looking older and less healthy by steering away from black and white.


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  1. Sexy Lingerie Australia
    5:40 pm on August 22nd, 2009

    Great article – I think women need to look more at color that will compliment them, rather than just stick to the same old black or white lingerie.

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