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Gents Gift Guide – to the perfect designer lingerie!

Gents Guide

Here it comes… your birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, but do you cringe at the thought of the present you will receive from your loved one? Will he inevitably leave choosing something until the last minute, only to panic and buy you something completely inexcusable or even worse… crotchless!!!!

Buying lingerie doesn’t have to be a pain in the bum, but if you don’t want to leave it to chance and let’s face it girls, the odds of your man buying the right style in the right size and colour without you knowing are stacked against them quite a bit, simply point them in the direction of our Gent’s Gift Guide.  All they have to do is sit back, take note and follow our simple instructions to become a true connoisseur in lingerie shopping!

So Men listen up!

The most important rule!  DO NOT be tempted to buy an item of underwear that YOU think is sexy.  It’s pretty safe to assume that her choice of styles are not the same as yours.
Have a sneaky peak through her lingerie drawer (don’t get caught!), take note of her style and colour preferences.  If you think she’d look good in a lacy thong, but there isn’t one to be seen, then it’s safe to say she won’t wear it!  If all she has in her drawer are thongs and a plunge bra, then that is what she feels at her best in.  Take note of the material too.  She may feel sexy in silk or lace so a leather basque with laces may not appeal!
Whilst you are there, check out her bra size (for example 32d) and brief size.  If there are more than one size (which is inevitable as some brands can differ), go with the majority.
What’s her favourite colour? Does she wear black for instance?  If you’re note sure, blondes look stunning in more natural shades and pastels, brunettes opt for stronger colours and redheads are gorgeous in more muted  tones in blues and greens.
After all that if you are still a little unsure, silk camisoles, baby dolls and silk kimonos are the perfect choice.  All are unmistakably gorgeous and available in dress sizes 8,10,12,14.
Finally, if you are in a hurry or simply spoilt for choice from the designers available, our Honeys Gift Vouchers are a quick but perfect choice.  Let your loved one loose in her very own sweet shop!  Isn’t that simple?

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  1. Robor
    11:32 pm on August 8th, 2009

    Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

  2. Vicky
    10:03 am on August 18th, 2009

    Thank you for quoting our guide more Ladies will receive the right style lingerie at Christmas and Birthdays (in the correct size) and the Gents can feel proud of getting it just right! With a little help from Honeys!!

    Our gentleman’s guide on our website is a great guide to our designers at our lingerie boutique and to which brand which would best suit your ladies personality. http://honeyslingerieboutique.com/gentlemens-guide

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