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Hot Night In!

Sally JonesWith the country basking in scorching temperatures, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get a peaceful night’s sleep. We’ve tried everything, from one leg dangled from the side of the bed to the spread-eagled approach on top of the covers. Chances are our normal choice of nightgown does not cut the mustard when it comes to keeping cool.

So in this tropical summer heat what is best for nighttime dress?

Honeys Lingerie Boutique has the answer with an exquisite choice of silk underwear and silk lingerie including delicate babydolls, chemise and silk kimonos like the unmistakable elegance of Madame V, made from exquisite silk in vivid blue with a crimson lining and perfect for keeping cool on a balmy evening.

Sally Jones  Jade and Nougat Nightdress is the ultimate in designer  nightwear, made from French Jade 100% silk and French leavers lace, it oozes sophistication and is lighter than air.

When things are so hot, why not make it hotter with Sally Jones Celeste collection. Cheeky shorts and a sexy red satin camisole reminiscent of the 40’s pin-up girls.

With so much beautiful silk underwear and silk lingerie to choose from, we’re betting the summer heat will not be the only thing keeping you awake at night from now on!

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