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Does your cup floweth over?

Does your cup floweth over?One vital statistic remains unchanged in this current unsteady climate and research results indicate that of the 70% of women wearing the wrong sized bra two years ago, all of them still seem to be getting it drastically wrong.

This ‘blunderwear’ epidemic is on the up and although women know every possible measurement of their other halves, their children, the exact right sized handbag to carry everything for every eventuality, they seem to come unstuck when it comes to matters of the mammaries.

Of the women surveyed, an amazing one in five have never been measured professionally and staggeringly nearly half (47%) have not been fitted for lingerie in the last two to ten years.

We’ve measured hundreds of women here at Honeys  Lingerie Boutique and we are still amazed at the quite incredible difference between what women think they are and what they should be when it comes to size.

Why should you accept that it’s OK to wear an uncomfortable bra, to spend all day hoisting it back to where it should be and breathing a huge sigh of relief when you take it off at night.

Treat yourself this weekend and get yourself measured professionally, back fat, double boobs and painful underwire digging in your skin will be a thing of the past!

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