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Lingerie brand Valery scoop two prestigious awards.

21Congratulations to all at Valery for receiving Designer of the Year award by ‘Paris Capitale de la Creation.’ This comes after receiving the European Community Award in 1995 (Valery were the first Italian company to receive this award) as one of Europe’s 500 most innovative businesses, we are sure there will be a lot more to follow!

Valery is a Turino based company and was established in 1978 it is still owned by the Demichelis family. Having gone from strength to strength they are now one of the major Lingerie companies in the world distributing in over 40 countries they have become a major style reference for their quality, flair and class!

Trading under two brands Valery and Rosapois (known as the younger sister of Valery, its essence being on fashion) both brands collections also include exquisite designer swimwear and beachwear.

Honeys Lingerie Boutique is very proud to include collections from Valery, Valery Blu, Rosapois and Rosapois mare.

Pictured above, Lorenzo Demichelis owner of Valery accepting the award at Salon de la Lingerie Paris.

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