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A question of sport?

A Question Of Sport?As America plans to kick off its inaugural season in Lingerie Football this autumn, Honeys Lingerie Boutique asks “Would this work in the UK?” Firstly there’s the weather – football season tends to be in the coldest, wettest months of the year! Then who would manage the teams? With the exception of Karen Brady and Delia Smith, there aren’t many women in the sport. What other sports or leisure activities could be performed whilst wearing just one or two items of underwear? Well most extreme sports would have to be a no-no, for fear of snagged stockings, anything on snow or ice would be a little unbearable for the bare bits and we all know what chlorine does to our swimwear so water polo and diving are out of the question too! So where does that leave us? Let’s keep an eye on America and see how they do. You never know there could end up being an International lingerie football team from every country, wearing their finest bra and string - bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘World Cup’

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