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Honeys introduce Luxury Designer Beachwear by Porzia T

1Porzia T designer lingerie label was founded in September 2008 by Paola Tessariol, a young and talented fashion designer who, after a long professional experience at the most prestigious Italian fashion houses launched her first couture collection.  Porzia T lingerie has been available at the Boutique since 2009 and we are delighted to now introduce Porzia T Privata Beachwear collection.

Porzia T means luxury temptations: be spoiled by the luxury of garments dedicated to women’s senses and pleasure, to their desire to seduce by wearing precious and delicate fabrics that indulge the senses and take them into a dimension of sophisticated intimacy, a private and malicious limbo where luxury becomes a daily pleasure.

 The exclusive quality of selected fabrics and materials is enhanced by an exceptional handmade production, the couture sartorial skills applied to lingerie, the excellence of a sophisticated design: not just fashion, but unique pieces of art, elegant and refined symbols of the purest Italian style.


Privata Beachwear’ is the first designer beachwear line introduced by Porzia T, inspired by the unmistakable signature lingerie collection.The beachwear collection, which includes casual wear and accessories, stays faithful to the values of the lingerie line with sartorial execution in attention to detail and the renowned quality of being solely ‘Made In Italy’.

Realized in innovative fabrics that are delicate to the skin, with a colour palette that ranges from ultra brilliant shades of green and violet and completed by an accent of timeless black. Embellishments of precious  Swarovski Crystals are applied to all models within the collection and are coherent to the distinctive signature of the brand.

The bikini range consists of four models. The first, a triangular bra with long ribbon ties that delicately caress the leg. The second, a halter neck bra with culottes cut in a sexier sinuous silhouette. The last two, Frione and Ermoine consists of the balconette bra, inspired by the best selling model from the lingerie range. Both are elegantly draped over the bust leaving the sides bare. ‘Frione’ has a delicate ribbon tie that fastens at the front between the breasts and ‘Ermoine’ a detachable tie at the back of the neck that cascades down the spine.


‘Timandra’, the all-in-one costume, has triangular cups and a deep open back. The geometrical cut on the front enhances a sleek yet curvaceous silhouette.

 The casual wear part of the collection consists of tops, beach dresses and sarongs. Considered pieces for pool-side lounging  but that are also perfect for the most glamorous evening out. The dress ‘Ofelia’ and the top ‘Olivia’ are elegant simple forms with sensuous draped necklines. The dress ‘Licorida ’ and the sarong ‘Lavinia’ are completely draped forms that accentuate a slender but curvaceous silhouette.

 As completion of ‘Privata Beachwear’ are the accessories. The wrapped turban with crystallized logo and the delicious ‘Mopsa’ bag. The ‘must-have’ items that complete the ‘Beachwear Privata’ look and introduce a new way of conceiving beachwear.

All Porzia T designer beachwear is made to order, don’t forget to join our guest list to receive 10% off this exquisite collection.

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