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Science Fiction influenced designer lingerie collections by Pleasure State


 This week has seen the much anticipated delivery at the boutique of the new designer lingerie collections by Pleasure State .

Aether (featured above) is the third in our Pleasure State collections, inspired by Science Fiction, Space, the 5 Elements; a universe miles away from reality yet enthralling, filled with mystery and wonderment that harness the beauty of the unknown and equate to something out of this world.This season, Pleasure State has taken this theory and captured the strength and essence of a sleek modernity, embracing the contemporary styles of modernism fused with Science Fiction influences and three-dimensional design. From the 3D application of the 5 Elements in Pleasure State White Label, to a Vision of the Future in Pleasure State Couture and the powerful, seductive Sci-Fi Goddess for Pleasure State VIP, the brand plays on the concept of modernism to offer collections that are powerful, yet glamorous, sexy and feminine.

This season, Pleasure State White Label has taken inspiration from the 5 elements and adopted a technical approach to portray them in a new modernity. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water come together in a 3D application to create a collection with characteristics of fused modernity. Focusing on an organic approach, Pleasure State White Label conveys the soft fluid design lines to perfectly transcend a sense of youth and femininity. Aether (featured above) is the latest white label collection stretch woven emerald satin trimmed with a soft stretch lace and adorned with a crystal bead drop motif, imagination by the pleasure State designers that is just out of this world!

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