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On the Third Day of Christmas…

1My true love gave me to me….Three French Hens.  Well here at Honeys we thought we would change tradition a little and highlight three of our favourite Italian hens, Valery, Rosapois and Naory – a festive hat-trick for anyone still deciding what to buy their loved one this Christmas.

Italy is home to some of the most delicious and exquisite designer lingerie brands and Honeys Lingerie Boutique can’t get enough of them.

Dynamic, inspiring, creative and elegant, Valery is extremely wearable designer lingerie that both men and women will buy, making it the perfect choice for us girls to subtly hint about and for men to surprise us with.

Rosapois is vibrant and vivid, a younger sister to Valery if you like, keeping ahead of the crowd with inspiring designs, use of unusual fabrics and innovative styles.

Naory is our hidden gem, classy and elegant Italian designer lingerie that has a youthful playful side mixing together satin ribbons, frills and strings – Miss Naory is about everything young, fresh and above all else, exciting. The emphasis is well and truly on fun and vibrancy..

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