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A Fine Romance

Sally JonesWelcome back to this mini series of blogs dedicated to personality.  We’re getting all romantic and this Christmas when you choose your girl the perfect silk and satin lingerie from our collection of the world’s finest designers, if she’s a lover not a fighter, there’s plenty for you to choose from to make sure this Christmas is a loved-up!

She’s romantic and imaginative, caring and complex and sensitive to your needs.  She’s not afraid to say “I love you” and her fantasies are straight out of the scenes of a chick-flick.

Velda Lauder Corsetiere is our latest designer at Honeys Lingerie Boutique, a range of beautiful, made to measure corsets  made from luxurious materials and stunning fabrics, all designed to give women a figure envied by every girl in Pride and Prejudice!

 If she’s more dressing room demure than centre stage starlet, then Sally Jones  lingerie is the perfect gift this Christmas.  Inspired by black and white movie sirens and renowned for its unique and beautiful combinations of French laces, silks and Tulles, this stunning collection is romantic with a capital ‘RRRRRRR’.

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