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Head over Heart


Buying the perfect gift of designer lingerie and silk nightwear has never been easier.  Here at Honeys Lingerie Boutique, get all the help you need with our step by step guide ensuring you choose the correct size, style and colour of the most beautiful silk and satin underwear from the world’s most incredible designers.

But did you know that your partner’s personality speaks volumes and we can help you untangle the minefield of a woman’s mind so you can find her the perfect gift this Christmas?

If the lady in your life is a go-getter, a leader and a realist – she knows what she wants and she generally gets it.  She’s cautious but stable and her head definitely rules her heart - Mixona’s collection of silk lingerie and designer nightwear caters to women who wish to feel sexy, sensual and sophisticated whilst also occasionally unleashing their playful side.

If her heart rules her head, she is a deep thinker, a natural nurturer and full of imagination.  She’s sensitive and thoughtful, playful and emotional, which she’s not afraid to show – delight her with a gift from Fleur of England, a delicious collection of silk lingerie made with love and decorated with hand-drawn prints.  All garments are made from the most exquisite silks and French Leavers lace providing the most subtle and sensuous feel.

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