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Christies Magnifique!


Christies New  designer lingerie collection is keeping us blogging this week it has arrived in story’s throughout the week and each one we open has had the same gasp of delight! 

Christies Magnifique is the latest designer lingerie addition to our website and ok this range is not an all singing and dancing collection of waspies, basques and frilly briefs its just simply one of the most stunning Bra and Thong sets in the collection!

And we mean stunning! its beautifully detailed features embroidered red Roses on black lace echoing the name of this exclusive collection Magnifique, this striking bra with matching detailed thong includes Christies signature gold CH on the bra a real touch of glamour.

The only disappointment we have of Magnifique is that it is only available in B cup and we all want one!! You lucky B cup ladies, we are all green with envy. The cup is generous so if you sometimes cross size on your bra the 36b would possibly work for a 34c. As this is a fashion bra not a support bra it probably will not be worn as often as your everyday bras as won’t want to wear this beautiful bra and thong out!

If you are wondering why some bras are sometimes only available in a B cup then hopefully we will answer your question in the next few weeks. Honeys are putting together a blog piece on how each country fit bras differently, why some continental designers still only make bras occasionally only in a B cup and not often over a D. We are constantly pressing some exquisite lingerie designers to produce bigger cups so we can all have one! But on the other hand there are also designers who only make D cup and above so A,B and C are excluded from having any of their great designs.

Hopefully at Honeys Lingerie Boutique we bring you the best designer lingerie from all sizes. If there are any designer brands you would like to see at Honeys please let us know via our contact page, if we have enough requests you never know you may have a new favourite at Honeys!

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